Sunday, November 3, 2013

Libby on nitrous oxide

Libby had to have 2 cavities filled a couple of weeks ago. I was far more nervous than she was about this visit to the dentist because I was afraid she was going to be terrified. This dentist prefers to have the parents wait in the waiting room because the kids usually cooperate better that way, but Libby is so wary of strangers I thought she would just shriek if they took her back without me. It knocked my socks off when they called her name and she waltzed down the hallway without looking back at me. They said she did great and she told me herself that she wasn't scared and that the dentist was really nice.

The dentist said that they switch the nitrous oxide to oxygen for the last few minutes so that the kids are back to normal by the time they are done. But Libby was so funny. Maybe it wasn't the nitrous...maybe she was just feeling weird from her entire mouth being numb (she had cavities on both sides) but she just had this dazed look on her face and wouldn't close her mouth. Saliva would pool up until it dribbled down her chin. Her shirt was soaked by the time we got home.

I tried to get her to talk so I could capture a video...Jared really wanted to hear how she sounded with her mouth numb, but she refused to talk. Smart girl.