Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Birdie - 3 months

Birdie is so completely loved in our family. At 3 months old, she has gorgeous blue eyes and is getting squishier every day. She seems huge to me now. She is smiling more often and is starting to laugh. Her cousin Sarah got her first real belly laugh out of her while they were visiting for Thanksgiving. Since then, she's given us a few more good laughs and it is thrilling every time.

She sucks on her hands all the time, far more than my other babies did. She'll suck on a pacifier for a few seconds if Piper happens to shove one in her mouth, but she doesn't hold it in on her own and I don't really want to be tethered to one anyway, so I haven't encouraged her to take it.

Piper is as obsessed as ever with Birdie. She is constantly in her face, kissing her hands, hugging her head, reading to her, waking her up, and talking to her. Libby loves her too, of course, and is quick to tell me "mom, Birdie wants you!" whenever she cries. If I need to put Birdie down for any reason, I'll say to the girls "who wants to keep Birdie happy?" and they'll both run over and entertain Birdie.

Birdie has become MUCH more content in the past month. I wouldn't classify her has a fussy baby at all anymore. I can now usually put her in a bouncy seat while I eat or wash the dishes and she doesn't complain. It's wonderful. She doesn't like to nap alone, though, so unless she falls asleep in the carseat, she takes most naps while I'm holding/wearing her. Soon enough, she will start napping on her own and I will miss holding her so much, so I'm grateful for the chance to hold her now.

I just can't imagine loving her any more. I am so thankful she's in our family!

And, I have startlingly few pictures of Birdie this last month, so here are a few we took the day of her blessing with Grandma and Grandpa Benson and Aunt Rachel and family.