Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Birdie - 8/9 months

At 8 months, Birdie was making high-pitched squeals, biting me constantly with her 6 teeth, learning to clear her throat. and eating paper whenever possible. She also began sitting more confidently on her own.

At 9 months now, she is leaning forward trying to get on all fours, though she's almost always stalled at all threes - she ends up with one leg bent under her in crawling position and the other leg still sticking out straight to the side, like she's doing a cheerleader's herkey. She now has 8 teeth and still bites like crazy. The worst is when I'm carrying her on my back and she clenches down on my back and I can't reach her mouth to disarm her!

She sort of babbles and one thing she was saying for a while was "hi da." I'm 100% sure she wasn't meaning anything by that, but it sounded like "hi dad" so it was really cute.