Tuesday, August 28, 2012

32 weeks

Thought I'd do a quick update on baby #2. I've reached the point where I now understand the intense desire many women have to GET BABY OUT. I never felt that way with Libby - I LOVED being pregnant the first time around and was in no rush for it to be over. I am still in awe of the miracle of pregnancy and so grateful that I get to experience it, but I'm kinda done with this one. 4.5 more weeks till I'm full term and then it is go time. I am going to walk that baby right out.

Last week I was having some really obnoxious and worrisome back pain and upper abdominal pain. I called my midwife and she recommended I go see my family doc. He recommended I go see an obstetrician. She wasn't available for an appointment, but recommended I go get an ultrasound. Good news? It was not pre-term labor. Bad news? Baby was pushing on my ureter and my right kidney was backed up. After spending a few hours on my knees and elbows and sleeping on my left side with my hips elevated, baby must have shifted and the pain went away. I did take the opportunity to confirm with the ultrasound tech that baby is indeed still a girl.

I've been trying to talk to Libby about the baby a lot lately. I don't think it makes much sense to her that there is an actual baby in my belly. But, I did ask her if she wanted a baby to come live with us and she grunted her approval (we're still working on the word "yes").

Monday, August 20, 2012


One of Libby's favorite things to do lately is look for bugs. We have had great success finding grasshoppers in our front yard this past week. Libby spent a good 20 minutes admiring this little guy and letting him crawl up and down her arms.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


I love when I walk into a room and discover Libby doing something adorable and surprising, like yesterday, when she was just hanging out in a chair wearing my glasses.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Since I can't get the song "Oh, what do you do in the summertime?" out of my head, I thought I'd share a few things we've been doing lately. 

 Clockwise from top left:
1 - Watching the Olympics. This photo was actually taken at the beginning of July, so we were probably watching the Olympic trials. Or Wheel of Fortune. We only get 2 channels, even with the fanciest antenna money can buy (the fanciest available at Walmart, anyway). Thank goodness NBC is one of those because I LOVE the Olympics!
2 - Trying to convince Libby to go to bed. She's a master procrastinator.
3 - Eating watermelon, the favorite summer fruit in our house.
4 - Dressing up in winter gear even though it's in the 90s. Hats and gloves are just too fun, apparently.

Top left: Seeing the animals at the 4H fair and contemplating how soon we can get Libby into 4H.  Also trying to convince Jared we should get a goat.

All other pictures: Playing outside with the boys. There are 3 other moms that I meet for park play dates, who happen to all have boys. They love playing cars and Libby fits right in.