Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Since I can't get the song "Oh, what do you do in the summertime?" out of my head, I thought I'd share a few things we've been doing lately. 

 Clockwise from top left:
1 - Watching the Olympics. This photo was actually taken at the beginning of July, so we were probably watching the Olympic trials. Or Wheel of Fortune. We only get 2 channels, even with the fanciest antenna money can buy (the fanciest available at Walmart, anyway). Thank goodness NBC is one of those because I LOVE the Olympics!
2 - Trying to convince Libby to go to bed. She's a master procrastinator.
3 - Eating watermelon, the favorite summer fruit in our house.
4 - Dressing up in winter gear even though it's in the 90s. Hats and gloves are just too fun, apparently.

Top left: Seeing the animals at the 4H fair and contemplating how soon we can get Libby into 4H.  Also trying to convince Jared we should get a goat.

All other pictures: Playing outside with the boys. There are 3 other moms that I meet for park play dates, who happen to all have boys. They love playing cars and Libby fits right in.

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  1. I am loving the Olympics too! Seriously so amazing! The other day I found myself mesmerized with Kayaking?? When have I ever cared about kayaking?? and an American wasn't even competing! haha. I love that you and Libby love goats so much. how fantastic. I love this everyday Summer life post!