Monday, June 9, 2008

Trip to LA

I had the opportunity to go to LA this weekend with my boss to hold a support group for parents living in the LA area that have kids in our residential treatment program. It was a quick trip - just about 36 hours total - but it was a good experience. This was my first time to travel for work (other than camping trips), so it was a big deal for me! There were about 25 parents there. I explained what recreation therapy is, what all we do in our program, and some new things we are starting. I also did a few experiential activities with the parents as an example of what we do with their kids. They seemed to really like it and I got great feedback from them that I hope to use to better our program.

We got to go to the beach for a couple of hours the first day. (Yes, it was a little awkward going to the beach with my boss - who is a married man twice my age - but hey, it was the beach.) It was beautiful, but a little chilly, so I didn't spend much time in the water. The hotel we stayed at was really nice, too. I was most excited about the IHome speakers in my room so I could hook up my ipod and listen to my music rather than the crappy radio. When I travel, I usually go for economy rather than luxury, so it was a treat to stay at such a nice place and bill it to the company!

Ignore the ugly foreground in this picture and just admire the sun reflecting off the water.

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  1. awesome Jenn! Good for you, go advocate for Rec Therapy! I hope the summer is going well for you with all the camping. Miss you. Tell Sadie and Shuri hi for me.