Sunday, August 24, 2008

Living by faith, not fear

Today was one of those days where it seemed like everything I heard at church was presented JUST FOR ME. I love days like that. Except days when it's like, "REPENT, JENN!" Those days aren't as fun, but still just as important. Anyway, today was a good day. The most important thing I got out of church today was to LIVE BY FAITH, NOT FEAR. It's ridiculous to make decisions (or rather, NOT make decisions) because we are afraid! And yet I do it all the time. I'm afraid to quit my job, I'm afraid to start a new job, I'm afraid to go back to school, I'm afraid to move here or there, I'm afraid to date this person, I'm afraid to stand up for myself, I'm afraid to share the gospel...yada, yada, yada. I basically just exposed my every weakness, but whatever. I don't want to be afraid anymore. I realized that every time I make a decision (or fail to make a decision) based on fear, I am showing God that I don't have enough faith in Him that things will work out!

When it comes down to it, what I'm really afraid of is loss. Loss of life, loss of love, loss of income, loss of dignity, etc. Earlier this week, I was reading the parable of the rich man and Lazarus in Luke 16. I love that parable. Lazarus was a beggar. He had poor health, no food, and we can safely assume he also had no home and probably no friends. I don't know how his life evolved into him being a poor, sick beggar, but the point is, he experienced profound loss. But God, being the just and merciful God He is, comforted Lazarus when he died to make up for the bad things that happened during his life. What I learned from this regarding loss is that whatever is lost in this life will be restored. If we die, we will live again. If we experience heartache, we will be comforted. If we endure injustices for Christ's sake, we will be rewarded. Often, God comforts us during this life. But sometimes, we must wait to receive our reward. Either way, He will not leave us comfortless.

That's pretty much all I have on this subject. Anyone else have thoughts on how to live by faith, not fear?


  1. Jenn, I can totally relate! It kinda reminds me of when I first started rock climbing. You get to the top and you have to trust on the rope to let go of the rock and be able to come down. It was the scariest thing for me to let go off that rock! Silly analogy, I know, but I guess it's the same with trusting in the Lord and having faith...

  2. Wow, that was really deep. Thanks for sharing. I totally agree with everything you said. It's not something I think about often, so thank you for posting that. :)

  3. Jenn! That was good for me to read today! Thank you! I totally agree with you. I'm sick of being afraid too. I made it back from New Mexico which was great, but it's so good to be home. I haven't a clue what I'm doing, but I'll figure it out I'm sure. Hope all is well!

  4. Thank you for your blog, it was moving. I feel shaken and that's good I need to constantly strive to be better and that blog gave me a good push. I hope your future decisions in life come with faith and little to no fear. Thanks again for your blog, I kind of wish I could have gone to church with you on that Sunday.