Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Calling all dream interpreters

I had a strange dream last night. I was at a ski resort with Jared, Jeff, Renae, Kyle, Lynn, and two girls I don't know in real life, but I knew in my dream, with funky names like Timber and Ash. This ski resort was odd in so many ways. First, it was not on a mountain. It was more like a waterpark, where you walk up 8 flights of stairs and slide down. Except here you had to carry your skis up 8 awkward, narrow flights of stairs and then ski down, which probably lasted .2 seconds. The good thing was that the stairs were mostly indoor, so you were at least protected from the elements on your journey up. So at one point, I was taking the "lift" up to a "run," when I realized I had to pee really badly. For some reason, I felt embarassed to tell Timber that I need to go to the bathroom, so I started to consider peeing my pants. How obvious could it be? I had big thick snow pants, people would probably just think I fell on my butt in the now. But suddenly, I looked down and realized I forgot to put on ANY of my ski clothes OR my boots. (I also didn't have my skis, but that did not seem to concern me.) I was just wearing shorts and a t-shirt. No socks or shoes, no hat, no gloves. Luckily, since the lift was not really a lift, I easily walked down the stairs and across the street to our stinky motel room (could this nightmare be related to a real-life nightmare?) to use the bathroom and put on my ski clothes.

At another point in my dream, I was inside a room at the resort with Ash when an albino alligator (with a hard shell on top, like a turtle) started attacking us! (Imagine this crossed with this, which I think was inspired when I saw this on Planet Earth.) We couldn't get out of the room because it was blocking our exit, so we tried defending ourselves, but it was really hard to fight off because of its hard shell. We tried jumping on it, throwing things at it, kicking it underneath its shell. But all of these things made the alligator more vicious (imagine that) and more intent on making us dinner. I don't know how it happened, but eventually I looked around the room and noticed it wasn't there anymore. So we left.


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  2. Wow Jenn, I don't know what to tell you. I have real life dreams like every night of my life, sometimes they're quite draining. Once I dreamed (I was working at a treatment center at the time, no surprise) that I was committed to the State Hospital, and I didn't know how to let them know I shouldn't be there, because I was sure everyone must try that. I figured I would just have to wait out 30 days till the realized I was not crazy. I woke up a little disturbed and quite relieved.

    ok, so i wrote the original comment then when through the rest of your blog and found out you moved to NC!! When did that happen? (obviously around Christmas) But how exciting. I'm happy for you, a new life adventure, and I'm sure you'll find a job!

  3. LOL! Oh, Jen, this is SO funny! Especially 'cause I can relate with the whole need-to-pee followed by I'm-not-dressed appropriately sequence of events... I have even found myself running around somewhat naked in a public place looking for a restroom... And the weirdest thing is, people around me don't seem to notice.