Thursday, September 17, 2009

And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children...

and the heart of the children to their fathers.

I have been wanting to do family history research for a while now, but kept procrastinating getting started. Most of my excuse was the fact that the new family search website ( was not yet available in Utah when I was living there and I was just going to wait until that became available and made things easier. I've been in North Carolina since January though, so I've obviously procrastinated a bit. BUT, I just started looking up ancestors last night and today and it is so exciting! I have found out that many of my ancestors were born, married, or died RIGHT HERE in my county in North Carolina! This is extraordinarily exciting to me for some reason. I want to go find their graves and...I don't know...take pictures of them?

Seriously, if you have not already done so, check it out:


  1. I think that's pretty cool about your ancestors. What a small world. I'd like to get into family history a little bit eventually...

  2. Family History is addicting. I need to get re-addicted. It's been a couple of years. It's almost a miracle that you are in exactly the same county.

  3. Yes, go to their graves. Yes, take pictures. Also, if you have questions about them, you can go to your county courthouse and research things like marriages, wills and land records. If you really want to get into it, you know who to ask. :)