Saturday, December 5, 2009

No Grinches Here

Sometimes I feel like Thanksgiving and Christmas come and go so fast, I forget to pause and enjoy it. There's all this anticipation for Christmas Day and then - poof! - it's over before you know it.

That is why I like to start listening to Christmas music in November. The more you get to celebrate Christmas, the better! I don't get the nonsense behind waiting for a certain date to pass before it's acceptable to start celebrating. Ridiculous! Also, since there's no such thing as Thanksgiving music, I'm a fan of letting the Thanksgiving holiday share Christmas' music. Which is why I sometimes (like this year) start listening to holiday music in October. It gets the Thanksgiving spirit flowing! And anyone who says otherwise is a grinch! ;)

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we spent this year in Miami with some of Jared's family, which was great. The only picture we have to show for it is this one, in which I look completely ridiculous. Enjoy.

We don't have a Christmas tree this year (we'll be out of town anyway), but we went shopping today and got a poinsettia and some awesome elf stockings for our mantle. Our first Christmas decorations! Speaking of elves, I have a little elf in the kitchen today making sweet treats like peppermint patties, chocolate-cinnamon-chili ice cream, and roasted banana ice cream. I love that elf.

My elf friend at my apartment about 4 years ago. I still can't believe that the man I'm married to now is the same goofy guy that used to come visit wearing spandex and thermals.


  1. Ahem. I'm not a grinch. I also love Christmas music, a lot. But I have a constant fear that I will get sick of it, and I get sick of some music pretty quickly. I don't want to ever feel sick of Christmas music, so I don't listen to it until Thanksgiving.

  2. hahahahahahahah. both of those pictures were hilarious. you need to post more. have a good crhistmas. its going to be so weird without you!! ah! and wow.... thats why you NEVER judge people.. you may end up marrying them! or you know becoming friends more in my case. ...what dorks. (in a good way though)

  3. I hear you, Sherry. I don't ever want to get sick of Christmas music either. Even though I start early with the Christmas songs, I still have to listen to other music during that time, too. Because let's be honest - there are only so many ways to sing Jingle Bells.

  4. I love the holidays--Especially when family is around. I love Christmas Music too. I love Ave Maria.

  5. I love Christmas music and got some out early (before Thanksgiving) and got a look from my husband that said "not yet" I have a bunch of christmas music I like but I do get sick of all the fake Christmas songs they play on the radio on the all Christmas chanel frequently. There are quite a few Mo Tab Christmas CD's that are my favorite though. have a great time.