Monday, January 31, 2011

Coming soon...

I'm working on writing a post about a funny story from my college years so started reading my journals from college (yes, I have multiple...I wrote ALL the time back then) and I have to say, I might actually fall over dead from embarrassment if anyone (even my husband) gets their hands on them.

Cannot believe how boy crazy I was. Kind of makes me dizzy reading how quickly I went through crushes. Sadly (or maybe, thankfully?), I can honestly say I don't remember half of the people I wrote about. I've always wished I was the type of journal writer who wrote things that would inspire future generations, but alas...that's not my style.

Anyway, funny story coming up...and yes, it's about a boy. ;)


  1. This totally made me think of our first RS Pres. meeting when after we were done (or before we even started, I can't remember!), we went through the ward directory and circled guys' apartments that we wanted to get to know. At the time I wasn't interested in it at all (I was dating someone else), but I remember Candice circling the apartment that Ryan was in. I didn't even look twice, and then exactly a year later married him! Good times. :)

  2. Haha, what productive meetings we had, huh? Good times!

  3. Yeah... I think we were all a little boy crazy in college. Lots and lots of boys came and went during our 4 years. And lots and lots of crazy things happened. Sometimes I miss those days. We had so much fun, didn't we?