Thursday, July 14, 2011

10.5 months

Kissing herself in the mirror

Libby is changing and growing so much every day, she deserves a half-month update.

In the past 2 weeks, Libby has really gotten the hang of walking and takes so much pleasure in it, she will spend up to an hour at a time walking laps in the apartment, smiling and laughing to herself the whole time.

She's also learned to climb, which means she can access that many more forbidden places. But it's pretty fun to watch.

She's also discovered her eyelashes, which is just plain cute. While she's nursing or lying in my arms, she will bring her hand to her face (sort of in an L shape) and stroke her eyelashes with her thumb.

And, in one of her funniest developments of late, she's realized she can make noise (aka screech) while breathing IN as well as out. It's especially funny when she pairs it with her newfound ability to shrug her shoulders and pull in her belly. If only she'd do it on command so I could snap a picture of that. :)


  1. I LOVE THAT AGE! They really come alive and develop so much personality during these months. From what I remember, it was right after the 8 month mark that Halle really REALLY got playful & curious and Crazy fun. Love reading your stories.

  2. Busy girl! Walking and climbing! You've got your handsful. But that also means she's just getting to be even more fun. :)