Friday, October 26, 2012

Babymoon memories

I was just reading a crumpled piece of paper I found in my purse that my midwife must have given me at my last appointment regarding postpartum care. She advised thinking of baby's first 2 weeks as a babymoon and really enjoying every moment.

Here's what I'm enjoying right now:

I'm really enjoying having Piper sleep in bed with me. She's actually only slept in her crib a couple of times because she seems to sleep so much longer next to me (like 6 hours straight at night! How did I get so lucky?!) We'll worry about transitioning to the crib later.

Nursing. I can't believe I'm enjoying it already; it took MONTHS before I got to enjoy it with Libby because we had such a rough start. Piper was born with a tongue-tie, just like Libby, but I looked for it right away (it runs in families), so we were able to get it cut at 1 day old. She didn't even cry and I noticed a difference immediately in her ability to latch. As a side note, Libby had a posterior tongue tie, meaning the frenulum was restrictive at the back of her tongue. It was pretty severe, but hard to recognize because it's more rare. Piper's was very obviously an anterior tongue-tie. Her frenulum extended all the way to the tip of her tongue and caused her cute little tongue to fork like a snake's tongue. I wish I had gotten a picture of it before we cut it.

The newborn coos and grunts. Piper spends a lot of time sleeping on my chest in a wrap, so I get to hear her cute sounds all day long. I can't decide if she sounds more like a kitten or a puppy.

Sisters. Libby has been so great and really, really loves to hold Piper. She is constantly grabbing my nursing pillow, climbing onto the couch and saying "hold baby? hold baby?" She does a really great job and is so gentle. She gives Piper hugs and kisses and likes to teach Piper by pointing out the colors on the pillow. She'll say "baby" to get Piper's attention and then name the color she's pointing to: "Baby, blue. Baby, yellow." etc. 

Libby wanted to cuddle on the bed with Piper this afternoon. Because I positively could not decide which picture was the most adorable, I just added them all. :)


  1. You're right Jenn, all those pics are just as adorable, but the way Libby looks at Piper is very tender.

  2. I do love those pictures of Libby and Piper. So cute! It's so good to see that Libby loves her sister. Sounds like things are going great so far!

  3. I just caught myself up on your blog! I am so proud of you for doing home birth! I knew you were doing the natural/midwifery route, but I didn't know where!! I love all the pics of Piper and you guys. What a sweet baby! I wish I could snuggle her