Thursday, December 20, 2012

A few things Libby has said lately

[Lying in her crib at naptime, naming all her toys] "Mommy baby, blue baby, giraffe, Pooh bear, pink bear, white bear!" (I love that she calls her bigger baby "mommy baby.")

[Clapping for me, when I've done something super impressive, like found a matching shape] "Good ba, Mommy!" (good job)

[To Piper, when she's crying] "Be happy!" "You okay, you okay." "Oh Pi, I coming!"

[The most frequently heard phrase at the dinner table] "Oh no, Mommy! I spill some on mine shirt!"

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  1. A little girl was crying in sacrament today and her younger brother said, "Mommy, Avery sad!!" then later the girl (climbing on the pew trying to go behind her dad) said all proper, "excuse me daddy" and then proceeded to jump on him. Kids are funny.