Saturday, March 9, 2013

And I Did!

I dropped the kids off at the nursery at our new gym for the first time last week and Libby was pretty scared. I wanted her to understand that I would keep my promise and come back to get her soon, so when I picked her up I said, "I told you I would come back, and I did!"

Well, that has become Libby's new favorite phrase and she tacks it onto a variety of exclamations.

"Daddy *bought me a Barney movie! And he did!"

"Piper pulled my finger. And she did!"

"I put on my shoes! And I did!"

*Checked out from the library. We don't believe in buying movies, especially not Barney. :)

1 comment:

  1. kids sure latch on to different things. Megan could see a McDonalds sign a mile away but we never went very often. Bethany begs to go to the gym's kid zone but luckily I don't have to take her anymore.