Wednesday, May 29, 2013


On this trip to Texas, we did some much needed shopping at Ikea, went to the Dallas temple (first time back since we were married there 4 years ago!), visited the Perot Museum, had lunch at El Fenix (their chips are SO good), and hung out with family. It was very refreshing.

Love my grandpa's face in this picture.
Checking out my grandparents' garden

Four generations (although this is my dad's mom, not my mom's)

Picking blackberries

Good thing Grandma is limber! Piper enjoyed going for a ride.

Hanging out with Grandpa   
I love this picture. Libby got the gator stuck around her neck. Sad, but funny. And Piper is sitting in a box. :)


  1. Love the picture of Libby! But could you possibly mean "lizard?"

  2. What lizards do you know of that are that big?!