Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Piper - 13.5 months

Actually, Piper is more like 13.75 months, so I may as well wait until 14 months, but I can't bring myself to skip a month.

Piper is walking, running, climbing (we found her on top of the desk, playing with the keyboard!), moving furniture to get what she wants (we have a kids table and chairs and she moved the little chair to the kitchen counter so she could reach something...too smart!).

She is constantly getting into the kitchen cupboards and rearranging my canned goods, so I've completely given up on organizing them. She is particularly fond of tomato paste (must be the smaller size she likes) and carries it around sometimes. But her favorite drawer in the kitchen is the silverware drawer, which she can't reach, but will dangerously lunge for while she is being held.

She absolutely must have a spoon or fork in her hand to eat anything, even crackers or bread, or things that don't require utensils. She actually is pretty good at using spoons, too. She can pretty much eat a bowl of cereal by herself, though she needs some supervision when it comes time to lift the bowl and drink the milk. She's ended up with a lapful of milk many times.

She can say: dad, mom, stop, uh-oh, dog, cat.

She can sign "dog" (which is done by patting your hand on your leg, as if you're calling a dog) but she usually pats her stomach. Actually, when I first taught her that sign, she would pat MY leg to sign it. She sometimes signs "more."

She still nurses anywhere from 2-5 times per day. I'm telling you, nursing is the best tantrum-tamer ever.

She gets manhandled by Libby on a daily basis, so I guarantee that even without older brothers, she's going to grow up to be a tough girl.


  1. So is Libby. I meant to put that in my other comment but hit enter before I was done. Ah. You guys are all SO CUTE!!!