Sunday, May 18, 2014

May picture dump

Libby loves to draw and is getting so creative. Today she drew a bee, complete with wings and antennae. It was quite impressive. Here is a carrot she drew with sidewalk chalk.

We had a Cinco de Mayo party, so we could have an excuse to have people over, eat Mexican food, and make a pinata.

 The kids loved the pinata!

This is classic Piper: sneaking her toes up on the table and saying "cheese" for the camera. 

Libby playing make believe...not sure what her intention was here, but it was adorable.

Piper loves the swing and insists on buckling herself in.

This is the face Libby makes for the camera, if she acknowledges it at all. :)

One hot day, the slide got too hot to touch, so I let the kids put their swimsuits on and I made a "water slide" by spraying it with the hose while they slid down. It's a fast slide to begin with, and the water made it crazy fast. They were both done after one turn - it was too scary.

Libby loves her playset.


  1. Every year at the L family reunion there is a pinata. This started when Eric's aunt and uncle were in Spain and couldn't make it to the reunion, so they sent a pinata. The kids do it in age order, youngest to oldest, and sometimes we make it through everyone and even Grandma gets a turn.

    Your house looks really nice!

  2. Fun! I love Libby's carrot. That is pretty good!

  3. I love the yard and play set. Fun times and cute kiddos!