Saturday, August 23, 2014

Heritage Carousel

The suburb where we live, just outside of Des Moines is a nice place. Safe neighborhoods, good schools. But when it comes to things to do and places to go, Des Moines is the place. I don't know if this is true everywhere, but here it seems like the suburban towns like to place a play structure in an open field and call it a park. No trees, no shade. But there are some great Des Moines parks, like this one we went to today. There is a great wading pool, which Piper dives headfirst into, despite the posted "NO DIVING" signs. You'd think she couldn't read or something.

And then there's a new-but-feels-old-timey carousel that only costs 50 cents a ride. The kids love it! I should have caught Piper's squeals on camera when she first saw it.


  1. We stopped in Rexburg on our way home from Yellowstone a few weeks ago. We found a park to let the kids play, and so we could stop and eat. It had an old carousel, and I was so excited to let the boys ride it. They actually didn't seem that impressed. I guess they liked it, but they haven't talked about it or anything since then. But I can guarantee that if I don't let them ride the (relatively pricey) carousel at the zoo the next time we go there will be lots of whining.

  2. Fun carousel! 50 cents a ride is a great deal, you can ride a couple of times without feeling like you paid too much.