Sunday, August 9, 2015

Summer stories

I used to be better about keeping track of the funny things my kids said, but I haven't done very well at that lately. Here are just a few cute things I can remember that they have done or said in the past few months.


Piper is almost 3 and is becoming more able to tell stories, explain herself, etc. But I kind of love that she still has a few words or sentences that she mixes up. For instance, she asked one day "Can we watch toon cars?" She also calls an umbrella a "barella."

She surprised me one night at bedtime by imitating me and saying in her most grown-up sounding voice "you go to bed," emphasizing each word with a meaningful pointing of her finger at me.

She and Libby are such rascals and anytime I'm upstairs and occupied, especially if I'm trying to rest, they like to go to the kitchen and "be sneaky" by getting into the chocolate chips and marshmallows and cinnamon sugar.

Piper has started taking this one step further and sneaking inside the house when the rest of us are outside. Twice in one day, she locked me out of the house so she could get into my gum in my purse. Luckily the back door was unlocked. Looks like installing a keyless entry lock is on our immediate to-do list.


Libby is really enjoying playing with neighbors. She especially loves the 8-year-old girl across the street. One day, Libby kept asking me how to spell the names of different neighbors. I knew she was writing them down, but didn't know why. A while later, she told me she needed to go put some notes in the neigbors' mailboxes. I let her deliver the notes, but didn't realize until afterward that she had invited every kid she knows to come to her house on Tuesday the 15th for a playdate. I don't know if she looked at a calendar or just guessed, but Tuesday was actually the 14th so it was close enough to being right that it was confusing for some people. One neighbor asked me if this was actually a real event, but nobody else mentioned it. A few weeks later, Libby asked me when it would be Tuesday and when I told her it already passed, she started crying "nobody came to my playdate!" I LOVE her initiative, so I need to help her plan an actual event sometime.

Speaking of mailboxes, Libby can just barely reach the mailbox now, so checking the mail every afternoon is a highlight of her day. She loves having something she can do all by herself.

One thing Libby and the neighbor kids like to do is tell "spooky stories." One day, I set up a makeshift tent in the front yard with a tarp and the kids all gathered inside and told stories. It was hilarious to overhear. Libby's story was about a ghost that went in a boy's eye and then in his mouth and finally, the boy pooped it out.


  1. So funny! Piper is smart! Locking you out so she can sneak gum! Libby's ghost story cracks me up! Her play date idea is so cute!

  2. That's awesome. You should totally set up a really play date (or rather let her do it but with the right date haha). Her ghost story is pretty spooky.