Monday, October 5, 2015

Birdie - 1 month

Well, it's happened again. I birthed a baby in the heat of the summer and then, I emerge from my den and we're in the thick of fall. After I woke up from the disorienting exhaustion of Libby's first 2 months, I remember having the strange feeling that the world had somehow gone on without me and I was left behind. Anyway.....

I love having a newborn. I love the sweet sounds they make, their jerky reflexes, their cuddles. Birdie is such a welcome addition to our family. I am so glad she's here and I can't imagine our family without her!

Birdie is named after my great grandmother Alpha Birdie Cotten, whom we always refer to as Mimma. I have fond memories of Easter egg hunts in Mimma's backyard in Sweetwater, TX and later, when she moved to an assisted living home in Dallas, going out to eat with her at Luby's. I still have a thank-you card that Mimma wrote to me one year after I had given her a birthday card. That was probably the first time I ever received a thank-you card and it made me feel so grown up! She died when I was 11 and I look forward to our reunion someday! In the meantime, I get to think of her whenever someone asks about Birdie's name.

Alpha Birdie Cotten - "Mimma"
I love this picture of Mimma - classic 20s fashion! Doesn't she look just like Sarah Bunting from Downton Abbey?

But back to this cutie...

My parents were here for the first 3 weeks of Birdie's life, which was so nice. (They had planned to arrive on a Saturday afternoon and it just so happened that she was born early that Saturday morning, so the timing was quite perfect.) They were so helpful taking care of Libby and Piper and giving them lots of needed attention. I got to just worry about me and the baby for the first 3 weeks.

Libby and Piper both really love Birdie. Libby wants to hold Birdie all the time. But since Birdie spends most of her time either eating or sleeping (and is crying if she's not eating or sleeping), there's never enough time for Libby to get her fill.

Piper is obsessed with Birdie. She isn't concerned with holding Birdie, but she cannot keep her hands off her. She is constantly rubbing Birdie's head, giving her kisses, and talking sweetly to her. Multiple times this past month, Piper has been in the middle of a tantrum and then cried, "I want to kiss Birdie!" And with a kiss, Piper is all better.

Birdie is a bit of a fussy baby - if she's not nursing or sleeping, she's crying. She's taken a few naps in the carseat and a couple in the crib, but all others are in my arms or on my chest in a baby carrier. If I put her down in the crib or bouncy seat or swing, I have about 5 minutes before she starts crying. I've actually timed her a few times. If I'm really fast, I can take a shower or load the dishwasher in this time, but not much else. I'm embracing a messy house right now. My kitchen floor is sticky and there are piles of laundry everywhere, but I love the cuddles and I really don't mind.

She looks so tiny in her carseat!

Love those spit bubbles


  1. Many moms have told me their third baby is their easiest. I'm wondering if that is because as moms we lower our expectations with our third baby. I've been so indifferent as to the cleanliness of my house and getting my baby on a schedule. She might be my last baby, and all that other stuff will sort itself out eventually. Once she's not a newborn anymore, there will be no more newborn cuddles (at least not with her). I'm happy to enjoy them now, even if it is every few hours in the middle of the night, and even if my kitchen (and every other room) is a mess most days.

    Also, I love the family history for Birdie's name! I wanted to use a family name for our baby and just couldn't find one I liked.

  2. What a neat namesake for Birdie. I love using family names.

    Kacey was difficult for the first couple of months too. A lot of crying. She has definitely been my most held baby. She has gotten better. Hang in there! As for the messy house... Mine is a total disaster. Always. I'm with you on the laundry. It is everywhere. I just keep piling on newly cleaned clothes onto piles of clothes needing to be folded from last week or the week before. We'll catch up someday, right?