Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tae Kwon Do

Libby started Tae Kwon Do in October. The YMCA offers a really inexpensive class for kids from 4-7 and I thought it would be a good way to build Libby's confidence. She took a free tumbling class at the Y last year for a few months and it was a good growing experience. It was so hard for her at first - she was really, really nervous. But she got slightly more comfortable as the weeks went by.

Anyway, we decided to try Tae Kwon Do this year. The first day was very hard again. She had tears in her eyes the whole time. But thankfully, one of the teachers took her aside and worked with her one-on-one and that made all the difference. The second week was still difficult, but she's loved it ever since. Now, she looks forward to Tae Kwon Do all week.

She had her first test this week and earned red and blue stripes on her white belt. She also got to break her first board! Libby was toward the end of the line, which I was glad of, because I was hoping she'd see the other kids do it and not be afraid to try. Most kids had to try a few times and some needed the teacher's help (he would put his hands on their foot to give their kick some power). I was shocked when she broke it on her first try, without any help! She kicked it with just the right part of her foot. Jared took a quick 2 second video and we've probably watched it 50 times - we're so proud! I'd be proud no matter what, but it was so wonderful to see Libby succeed because she is still the most timid one in the class. The teachers and other parents were pretty shocked, too.

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  1. That is awesome! So cool that she broke that board! I really want to find something like this for my girls to both let them see themselves succeed, but also to give them a hobby, something they enjoy working hard at.