Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just when I was getting used to being a Utahn...

I will soon be a North Carolinian.

I'm moving to Raleigh, NC to close the 2,000 mile gap between me and my boyfriend, Jared. He moved there in August for school and I've finally decided I like him enough to follow. Putting aside my fear for the future and my sadness of leaving my dear friends in Provo, I'm pretty excited. It will definitely be nice to spend more time with Jared. We have tons of fun adventures planned already.

I'm excited for:
1. the Smoky Mountains
2. the beach
3. southerners
4. venus flytraps (they are native to North Carolina and I want to grow one)
5. being only 4 1/2 hours from DC


Jared is going to help me move out there and we are going to stop in Dallas on the way to spend Christmas with my family. Wish us luck for our 40 hours of driving.


  1. That house is beautiful. Why don't you get me a house too, while you're at it. :) Safe driving.

  2. p.s. one of the best things about the south are good "hush puppies." It's basically deep fried corn bread. Mmmmm

  3. Jen, you'll definitely be missed, but I'm very excited for you!! Do come back and visit sometime, and please take pictures of the Venus flytrap. Love ya!

  4. That really is where I'm going to be living! Awesome, huh? I'm sharing it with 6 other girls.