Wednesday, February 18, 2009


1. Got the dress. It's in great condition. Now I just need to get it altered (it's one size too big). I've never had anything altered before. Nothing. How do I find a good place? Any advice?
2. Started at Staples today. I'm going to be resurrecting my copy center skills from BYU and working in the copy and print shop...for less than the wage I made 5 years ago at BYU's copy center. Sigh. But after applying for about 75 jobs online and going to 4 temp agencies with no success, I was desperate and accepted the first scam-free job that made an offer.
3. I can't wait to get my ring!
4. For the first time, I'm following American Idol. My favorite contestant so far is Danny Gokey. Seriously, he was the only one last night that sounded like he was actually performing rather than playing around on karaoke revolution. Granted, not everyone performed last night, but still...


  1. Let me know how things at Staples go. How many hours are they going to give you?

  2. You are risky but I'm glad you like the dress! Can't wait to actually see it on you but that will probably be in June, right? Ha. Oh, and good on you for working at Staples. You are super talented, they're lucky to have you but one day your RT skills will come in handy.

  3. You took quite the leap of faith with your dress, but I am sure it will be perfect. I am excited for you with everything, and hey at least Staples is a job right?

  4. Aaaahhh! I'm sooooooooooo excited for you I started tearing up. It has been a long time since I've had internet so the whole engagement thing was new news today. Congratulations. Yea!!!!!!!!!! did I tell you Jared was in my ward at BYU, I probably did oh well. Good luck and have fun. I'll keep checkin up. If you have not gotten a seamstress already I have some pointers. Ask to look at past work, ask how flexible they are in making a dress skin tight, loose, and anywhere in between. Ask a bunch of questions and if the sound like they know, then they probably do.