Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Oh my gosh, this is torture. I bought a wedding dress (yea!) online (risky, I know) from Craigslist (getting sketchier) from a girl in Provo (phew, that makes it all better). Renae picked it up for me and put it in the mail. She sent me the tracking information, which told me its estimated delivery date was today, February 17. Even though I've known it wasn't scheduled to arrive until today, I've been obsessively tracking it online every day, watching it go from Salt Lake to Colorado to Kansas to Missouri to Kentucky and (finally!) to North Carolina, hoping all the while that it would miraculously appear on my doorstep even though I KNEW it was in a far-away state. On Saturday, I saw a UPS truck stop right in front of my house and got irrationally excited until the delivery man walked across the street to the neighbors house with some package that I'm sure was not as important as my wedding dress. Well the day has finally come. It is supposed to arrive today and every creaky noise in my house (was that a knock?) has me perking up my ears and running to the window. Now I know what Paco feels like when he is waiting for Mom to come home.


  1. I hope it gets to you ok! I got an e-mail today saying that it was delivered! I just hope the condition is good... I'm still nervous...

  2. I like the reference to Paco.
    Oh and its kinda like that here. You have to go outside to see whats going on even if you know its winter, you hope it will be warm.

    Ex. It was HOT[like 85 hot] and sunny thursday, rained friday, freezing[literally] this morning.