Saturday, January 2, 2010

Never catch a falling cactus

While Jared was kindly propagating an aloe plant for me today, he accidentally knocked a potted cactus off the windowsill. Reflexes kicked in and he reached out to catch it. Dang reflexes. His thumb was covered with cactus needles. Those suckers were long and went in deep - some even under his fingernail. Poor guy. It reminded me of the dog on Homeward Bound that gets a faceful of porcupine quills.


  1. OUCH! On the plus side, that is a great story, haha! ;)

  2. OUCH! I don't think I would have the goodwill to let that cactus plant live after that. Maybe he can use some aloe on it? ;)

  3. My Megan wants a cactus in her room. My m-i-l had a cactus for years with a flower on top until she realized through grandkids fiddling with it that the flower was actually glued on. hope all is healed now.