Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowed In

When I was living in Utah, I always hoped to be snowed in and have to stay home drinking hot chocolate and watching movies instead of go to work. My wish never came true in Utah. I may have had a hard time getting out of the parking lot at times, but I always made it. Today, in North Carolina, we are snowed in. I'm not sure how many inches of snow/ice we got, but it really doesn't look like much. But when we went to the car to take a quick trip to the grocery store and return a red box movie, we couldn't get the car to roll over a small patch of ice/snow behind the back tires. After spinning the tires for a while, we gave up and came back inside. Turns out being snowed in is a little bit boring. We don't have any good movies to watch and I feel lazy not leaving the house all day. Church has already been cancelled for tomorrow, so we won't be leaving the house tomorrow either.

I thought people were crazy for stocking up at the grocery store the other day, but now I'm glad I did some extra shopping this week!


  1. snow days are only fun if you have snow to play in!

  2. Jen . . . . miss you! Can't believe all that snow! We have seriously nothing! Hope everything is going great!