Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gaga Gag

Check out these series of photos before the link disappears. Of particular interest: photos 2, 5, and 14. Seriously? This woman is so ridiculous I can hardly stand it.

Makes me think one thing: histrionic personality disorder. Especially when I read this quote from her: "I used to get made fun of for being either too provocative or too eccentric." Textbook histrionic.


  1. Oi vey... and what about the one with all the bumps like she has some skin disease? Eesh!

  2. ha. #8 was on Saturday Night Live on "weekend update". They said something to the effect of.. "lady gaga met queen elisabeth.. 'this is weird', said both of them"

    hahaha. im sure the queen was scared.

  3. So many thoughts on this, so I'll limit my comments to 3.

    1)She thinks she USED to be made fun of?!! Evidently she doesn't watch tv because everyone makes fun of what she wears.

    2) Did you see her hair in #7? I thought it was a hat!

    3)The problem with her wardrobe is that really she can never wear the same thing twice. ;) haha.

  4. Okay, I can't help myself, here's a fourth.

    I read the symptoms on the histrionic disorder and it sounds like A LOT of the girls from the many seasons of the Bachelor. ahhaha.