Saturday, April 24, 2010

Patio Gardening

I long for the day when I have a home with a lawn and space for a real garden, but for now, we are making the best of our apartment living and decided to try our thumbs at some vegetables this summer.

We planted tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow squash, okra, jalapeno peppers, banana peppers, and sugar snap peas.

I was interested in trying the Topsy Turvy tomato planter (has anyone tried it?) but Jared said we could make our own upside down planter. So we did. And it was free. Jared simply cut a hole into the bottom of a cheap plastic pot that we already had, inserted the tomato plant (so the plant was sticking out the bottom of the pot, turned it upside down and added soil. He also cut 2 holes in the sides of the pot and attached some rope. Then we hung it from our balcony. I'm excited to see how it does.

On a totally different note, I tried to do some maternity clothes shopping at Target today, but couldn't find anything that I wouldn't have to wear another shirt underneath. Seriously, if I am going to be pregnant in the sticky North Carolina summer, I sure am not going to wear any more layers than necessary. Why is it so hard to find shirts that aren't see through and have a modest neckline? Anyway, I gave up on shopping for clothes for myself and instead romped through the baby section with Jared. I've probably looked at Target's baby clothes 5 times this month, but today I finally bought something. My first baby purchase:


  1. I totally want a garden too! Someday... I think that's so fun that you and Jared are trying it out this spring/summer. I really want to grow herbs. Good luck with the vegetables!

    Aren't the baby clothes at Target the cutest? I love looking through there. It's definitely a danger zone. It's so easy to spend a lot of money on cute baby things. :)

  2. CUTE outfit! & cool planter thingy.

    thats a little bit sad that i had my first baby purchase for your baby like..a month ago.

  3. I really want to grow a garden too. Our balcony is too windy for plants.

    I love your little outfit. You are going to have so much fun shopping for her. I love little girl stuff.

    Our target has terrible maternity clothes. I had the best luck at Old Navy online but I found I had to shop a size smaller.