Monday, April 4, 2011

7 months

At 7 months, Libby:

enjoys reading magazines

faithfully practices yoga

is too big for her bouncy chair

loves playing with Daddy

makes great faces

looks adorable in her new sun hat

has pink toenails

Developmental notes:

Libby is turning into an excellent scooter, pulling herself with her arms and dragging the rest of her body. She alternates between this style of locomotion and what I call the "vacuum cleaner," which entails her driving her head into the floor and pushing with her feet.

Sleep. Oh gosh, when will I have something positive to report on this subject? Please, soon!

Getting Libby to consistently eat or drink something (anything!) other than breast milk has been a goal this past month. We've had intermittent success with applesauce, sweet potato, and other bits and pieces from mom's and dad's plates, and major success with those little puffs. She devours those things. She is slowly learning the sippy cup concept, but still thinks a bottle is just a toy. However, she can drink through a straw and LOVES trying to drink from sport-top water bottles. I haven't tried giving her any formula or milk with these yet, because she still spills more than she drinks, but maybe soon.

Other tidbits I want to remember:

One of our favorite things to do lately is cover my face with a blanket and repeat "where's mommy?" until she pulls it off and finds me, which thrills her to laughter. It's awesome.

When I put Libby down for a nap, I usually hold her close (chest to chest) for a few minutes and rock her before putting her in her crib. Recently, she's been pushing herself away from me so that she can rest the top of her head against my chest. I guess it's comfortable? It's super cute, though and I can tell she's really tired whenever she does this.

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