Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dun duh duh duh! (Announcement)

Last night I dreamt I was 4 months pregnant. And that an acquaintance's husband's mother was trying to kill me. I think the pregnant part was scarier.

I promise I'm not pregnant, but I do have an exciting announcement! We're not going to be homeless! Well, actually we still don't know about that, but Jared DID get a job! Without disclosing the exact location to the internet world, I will say it's a quaint little town of 7,000 people in northern Illinois, about 2 hours from Chicago. He starts August 1st, so we'll likely be heading up to the Land of Lincoln mid to late July. (We're throwing in some vacations to Utah and Texas sometime around then, so it's gonna be a crazy month.)

As much as we were trying to avoid ending up in a small town, we're actually getting excited about it now. First thing to be excited about: traffic, or lack thereof. SO excited to be done with that. Raleigh's traffic is incredibly mild compared to many big cities, but I guess Jared and I are just impatient, because it kind of drives us crazy.

We're also excited for a new abode. (Libby needs her own bedroom, stat. I think that might be the cure for her sleeping problems. We just have to make it 3 more months!) Only problem is, the only apartments in town are government subsidized (with income restrictions) and we haven't been able to find any homes for rent. There are plenty of homes to buy, but who's gonna buy from us when we leave? It's not exactly a boomtown. So, that's our quandary, but it's an exciting quandary to have.

I haven't been there yet, but I imagine it will look a lot like this:
That's an ethanol plant in small town Ohio where we lived for a couple months

And we'll end up with lots of this:
Our bounty from Ohio

But hopefully I don't have to do this again:
Booyah. Awesome outfit for working in the corn fields.

We are so grateful to have a job, especially given the current conditions of the job market. It's an exciting time for us and we are truly blessed!


  1. yeah, i have that nightmare too. i'm pretty sure i would faint of sheer terror if i found out i was pregnant right now!!!

    HUGE congratulations to your fam!! you are sooo going to be missed though here in raleigh. you'll always have a place to stay though if you wanna come back and visit!!

  2. I've always kind of wanted to live in a small town. Like the ones you see on TV where everyone knows everyone and it looks so nice and quaint (like Stars Hollow!). I'm sure that's not really how life is but... I hope you do enjoy it!

    If you do end up buying a house, you could always try to rent it out after you leave. But, I do agree with you, it seems a little scary to buy if you're not planning on staying there for the rest of your life. Good luck!

  3. How Exciting!!! Small town life. I bet you'll love it. I hate traffic too! It makes me a little crazy. I was thinking that I needed to move the other day. I dream about a small coastal town, but then I'd probably have nightmares about tsunamis!

  4. That is so fun. I hope you like Illinois. The great part about a small town is really the space. I wish that my girls could go ride their bikes out front without me standing in front of the road just in case they get out there faster than I can run. And hey, at least buying a house is an option. That's so exciting. Good luck!

  5. Congrats! That's so exciting. I loved living in a small town!

  6. Congrats. Hope you are able to find an apartment close or maybe you'll find a great deal for first time home buyers.