Monday, August 1, 2011

11 months

At 11 months, Libby is an excellent walker. She is playful and curious, opening every drawer and climbing every step she can find. She took a long tumble down the stairs at her aunt's house in Utah last week, but it hasn't appeared to dampen her interest in stairs whatsoever. (Other than a rug burn on her chin and a bitten tongue, she was, thankfully, unharmed.)

Libby has always loved eating, tearing, and crinkling paper, so it's no surprise to me that she loves books. What IS a surprise is how careful she is with her own books. She will still rip up pieces of paper she finds on Jared's clipboards and notepads, but she treasures The Foot Book so much that she knows not to tear its pages. I think it's remarkable how smart she is.

Libby mumbles and babbles all the time, but we're still waiting to hear her "first word." For now, I'm enjoying every little giggle and squeal we get out of her (which is a lot).

Love you, Libby Claire!


  1. She is so dang cute! Man I miss you guys already! I hope you're getting settled in ok, and Jared's first day on the job goes well.

  2. She is a cutie. I think it's funny that she's so careful with her own books. A. loves the Foot Book too. A. mentions Libby every now and then--it's cute.