Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What happens when you're not looking

Let's say you have a child. Let's say this child is of an age that he or she cannot yet distinguish edible from inedible items. Or perhaps she DOES recognize edible items, but does not understand that some once-edible items may no longer be suitable for eating. 

As it turns out, if you, the parent of this child, turn your head/avert your eyes/go to the bathroom/tie your shoe/engage in conversation for greater than 1 second (the time it takes for the child's hand to reach mouth), you will inevitably end up with a little list I like to call Nasty Things (insert your child's name) Has Eaten or Attempted to Eat.

Here's ours:

Nasty Things Libby Has Eaten or Attempted to Eat
-used chewing gum (found on the floor at Sears while we were deep in concentration choosing appliances)
-unidentified bug (on the hotel room floor) - you may now proceed with your dry heaving...that's what I did
-old corn cob, eaten by wild animal (we suspect rabbit) and deposited into front yard
-dryer lint 
-Skittle from the laundromat floor
-various flowers, grasses, and shrubbery
-styrofoam (still unsure where this came from)

And that was just the last 3 weeks.


  1. haha! I've always had a huge fear of Hailey eating a bug or spider. Anytime I caught her with something in her mouth and fished my finger in to get it out I said a silent prayer that that it wasn't some sort of insect.

  2. you neglected to mention in your previous post that the evening outside playtime was naked! hehehe! I can just hear Libby saying, "doc, I'm trying to bulk up but my mom just won't let me eat anything!" ;)

  3. haha, you're right Madelyn. Libby's been having lots of naked playtime lately (she's got a terrible diaper rash). I always wonder what the neighbors think of us!

  4. You're little girl is adorable!
    Thanks for your suggestion on my outfit yesterday!

  5. I love that she is naked by the way, and yes, that is GROSS. I'm sure we'll be right behind you eating disgusting things as well when Quin's ready!!