Tuesday, January 3, 2012

16 months

Libby has been the queen of imitation this past month and it rocks my world. She is also growing in her ability to climb nearly anything. We've found her perched precariously on top of the kitchen table more than once this past month. She still loves the computer and if we leave the chair too close to the desk, she will certainly climb up and start pulling keys off the laptop. Her favorites are Ctrl and the Windows key. It's a gamble whether those keys work now or not. She also irreparably pulled the Enter key off Jared's laptop, which is...a problem.

She tries so hard to imitate our sounds and words and she is learning quickly. In addition to her previously learned words (mom, dad, dog, ball, hi, and bye-bye) she can now say "all gone." She regularly signs "more" and "finished" (which we also use for "all gone"), and can sign "please," "thank you," "bath, "candy," and "book" with prompting. She can make superb noises with her tongue and is a champion spit bubble maker. We're so proud.
Helping Jared set up her  new crib

Playing with a baby doll at her playgroup
Modeling after her bath

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  1. Uh Oh!!! I recognize that last picture!!!!!!! Well, the pose, at least ;)