Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas at home

We had a nice, low-key Christmas this year. On Christmas Eve, we had dinner with our new friends Patty and Aron and their 2 boys. Their boys are older than our kids (like middle school and high school aged) but Libby played really well with them. Or maybe I should say they played really well with her. :) They were nice to entertain her.

Libby loves to open presents and we tried to get her excited ahead of time about Christmas, but I don't think she really understood that there was a certain day appointed when she would finally be able to open presents. Christmas morning, Jared carried Libby downstairs. She was laying her head on his shoulder, but she peeked around for a second, saw all the presents, and beamed up with the cutest smile. Then, she layed her head right back down.

We let Libby open most of the presents, including ours, because it's just so much more exciting for a 2 year old.

I got Libby a pair of child safety scissors (the kind that won't cut hair) and she loves them. She spent 30 straight minutes sitting on Jared's lap Christmas day just opening and closing them. Best $3 gift ever.

And, of course, she loved her Pez dispenser and devoured the first packet of candy in minutes. (We rationed the other 2 packets over the next couple days.)

And Piper was just darling. She's certainly my favorite present of 2012!

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