Friday, January 18, 2013

Libby - 28 months

Libby regularly speaks in complete sentences now. But the novelty has not worn off for me, and I am thoroughly impressed each time she puts together her thoughts. I love to see her little brain work. She'll sometimes start a sentence, pause to think of the word she wants, and then start the sentence over. It's as if, now that she understands how a sentence should be put together, she wants to do it right. Sometimes this means starting her sentence over 5 times, but she eventually gets it.

Before Christmas, I checked out as many Christmas books from the library as I could. One of them was a little red book, about 3 inches x 4 inches called (so creatively) "Christmas." Something about the size of the book was captivating to Libby and she started carrying it everywhere and asking for it in her crib. A while later, we were at the library (it's sort of our second home), and Libby found some companion books while she was browsing the shelves by herself. I think they have different authors, but they must be in the same series because they are the same size and style.

To make a long story short, Libby has a collection of 5 small books that absolutely, positively MUST go to bed with her at naptime and bedtime and MUST come downstairs with her to breakfast first thing in the morning. The "Christmas" book was due back a week or so ago (I'd already renewed it the maximum number of times) and Libby did NOT want to give it up. She usually loves dropping the books off in the return slot, but she was clinging tight to "mine red book!" I was able to find a different small red book (this one titled "Halloween") and distract her long enough to get "Christmas" in the slot. She was still a little upset, but she recovered. The other four books ("President's Day," "Springtime," "New Year's Day," and "The Hero" are due soon. It's going to be a rough day when we have to return those.

Libby can often fill in the blank when we're reading a favorite book because she has the words memorized. I knew "President's Day" was a favorite when she could finish my sentences with "Jimmy Carter" and "George Washington."

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  1. I love that she fills in the blank with "Jimmy Carter." So awesome.

    And I'm so excited for my kid to speak in sentences. He doesn't even really do two-word sentences yet. (He was supposed to hit that milestone a month ago. I'll let it go a month or two more before we seek out a speech therapist or whatever.)