Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Libby speak

Like most toddlers, Libby's pronunciation is not perfect, but she used to be able to say "playgroup" pretty clearly ("pway-gwoop"). But then I got on this big grapefruit kick and we started eating grapefruit every day and she learned to say "gape-fwoot." And then her poor brain got all mixed up one morning when we were eating grapefruit for breakfast and getting ready to go to playgroup and now she pronounces them both exactly the same "gape-woot."

We were listening to a Taylor Swift song on the radio in the car. When it ended and a twangy song came on, Libby said, "country music!" First I had to pick my jaw up off the floor because I had no idea Libby knew what country music was. And then I had to laugh because even Libby knows Taylor Swift is not really country. :)

Libby has been obsessed with The Berenstain Bears lately and she has one book about the bears having bad dreams. When Piper was crying on day, Libby comforted her by saying "it's ok, Piper. It's only a dream. It's only a dream."

There is a neighborhood dog whose bark sounds sounds so similar to Piper's whimpers that if Piper is upstairs sleeping and I hear the noise, I sometimes don't know if it's my child or the dog. Apparently Libby gets confused, too, because one day it was definitely the dog barking and Libby said, "Piper crying!"

Sometimes I think Libby has a bit of a southern drawl. She pronounces a lot of 1 syllable words with 2 syllables. Down = day-uhn. Hair = hey-uh. Bear = bay-uh.


  1. Oh I love the southern drawl! Brooklyn did for years. She even said y'all on her own a few times. Kids are awesome.

  2. Well you know who she got her southern draw from don't ya?? HAHA

  3. I love this update! the every day stuff is so awesome

  4. Cute girl! I love that you've decided to do this with Libby as well. I hope you keep it up, it would be fun to read about the funny things Libby does and says.