Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Piper - 1 year old

My sweet, smiling, one-year-old Piper baby,

I cannot get over how much you smile. And it's not just any smile. You truly smile with your whole face. Your mouth opens so wide I can see all 9 teeth, the last of which just came in a week ago. (Your first molar...ouch.) Your smiles usually coincide with an adorable ha-ha-ha forced laughter, but we get plenty of genuine giggles and squeals as well.

Lately, a sure-fire way to get you to giggle is to read you your favorite library book: Corduroy's Party. You love flipping through the pages of plenty of other books as well, but this one is special because you will bring it to Mom or Dad, place it in our hands, climb on our lap, and SIT STILL for the whole 6 pages. I've even seen you kiss the characters in the book. I'm so happy you are learning to love reading.

You're now officially a walker, which makes you seem so much older. You can climb pretty well, too. I've caught you on top of the kids table and I've witnessed you climb onto the cedar chest so you could look out the window (you were looking for the neighbor's dog). You can climb down off the bed and the couch, too. And at playgrounds, you're pretty brave with the slides, not caring so much whether you go down forward or backward, head-first or feet-first.

You still have the same gorgeous blue eyes that you did when you were born. I can't imagine how you could possibly be any cuter.

A few other things I don't ever want to forget about you, at 1 year old:
the way you crawl into my lap and lean your head back on my chest.
the way you give kiss after kiss with a wet, open mouth.
the way you always walk with your left foot leading and your body turned at a 45 degree angle to the direction you are going.
the way you point at things you're excited to see (dogs especially!)
how amazingly you can communicate your desires by pointing, grunting, babbling, and shaking your head 'no.'

I can't imagine our family without you!

You got this pink rocking horse for your birthday and Libby loves it as much as you do.

Eating your blueberry birthday cake.

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