Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Family Vacation in Utah

In early September, we went to Utah to visit Jared's parents and sister. We were able to see a few friends as well, though there is never enough time to see everyone we wish we could see! We keep saying that our next trip to Utah needs to be a full 2 weeks because there is so much we always want to do.

We spent several days in Idaho at Jared's parents' house there. Libby loved feeding the horses next door and wading in the irrigated apple orchard. This was our last visit to their Idaho home, as they are selling the house in a few months, so we were glad Libby was old enough to enjoy some of these things this time. We also went to the Eastern Idaho State Fair, which Jared's grandpa used to manage.

In Utah, we visited with Sherry at Thanksgiving Point and our kids were finally able to meet each other!
We were lucky to be in town for our twin nieces' exciting birthday party, complete with a giant bubble machine.

Piper was crazy about Rachel's dog, Harley. Libby was crazy about playing with older kids. 

We also went down to Provo to see Leighana, who's a freshman at BYU now, and to visit campus. It had been 5 years since I'd been to Provo (seriously, where has the time gone?) and I was super excited to relive the glory days. We walked around campus, browsed the bookstore for dorky alumni paraphernalia, ate at J-Dawgs (albeit, the one in Orem), said hi to my old boss at Cougar Creations, and ate Creamery ice cream. And chocolate milk! It was also fun to see the new Heritage Halls, where Leighana lives. It was definitely nicer than anywhere I ever lived as a student.

And, I got to catch up with these girls and meet Lauren's husband and Renae's second baby. The last time the 3 of us were together was at my wedding!


  1. My mom's parents used to irrigate their land by flooding it too. I have some memories of playing in the water during my grandpa's water turn. I like that picture of the three of us. I'm stealing it from your blog. :)

  2. Great photos! Libby's definitely not a "baby" anymore--following all the big girls around. She's more little girl now. :' ) I love it.