Friday, June 19, 2009

A Tourist's Guide to Greenville

Should you ever decide to take a trip to the lovely Greenville, Ohio, here are some things you could do to entertain yourself. This may or may not be the actual list of what I do every day while my husband gets to go to his exciting job where he walks up and down rows of corn and counts plants (jealous!).

1. Walk around town aimlessly.
2. Bike around town aimlessly.
3. Go to Walmart.
4. Go to Goodwill.
5. Go to the library and get mobbed by employees (librarians? volunteers? I'll play it safe and call them employees) who are super-excited that they have a patron.
6. Walk around aimlessly.
7. Bike around aimlessly.
8. Take pictures of dilapidated buildings and then post them on your blog.
9. Walk around aimlessly.
10. Eat a nectarine.
*Here is where my husband comes home and our evening activities ensue.*
11. Drive up and down every street in town. This should take approximately 10 minutes.
12. Go to the "famous" sandwich shop in town and order the "famous loose-meat sandwich" which is actually just a messy hamburger that really is not that good.
13. Drive around aimlessly.
14. Go to bed early.

Who wants to come visit??????!


  1. I love those pictures you took! They look really fun! Greenville sounds like a nice place to visit for a day... maybe not 3 months? I hope you're enjoying your time there. I want to talk to you sometime, so if you're ever Jared free and want to talk give me a call, or I may try to call you sometime.

  2. I love how efficiently you have broken up your day with aimless wandering--It makes it so much more exciting!! I'm glad you get to fight the beast of boredom now-it will prepare you for many things in life--seriously I really think it does-If you can handle being bored for three months and not go crazy you can do anything. I was feeling bored the other day and the rec therapist started leaking out of me-I collaged and volunteered to make games for my friends little girl's birthday. Long live construction paper!