Thursday, June 25, 2009

Feeling a

I have weird dreams. As random as they are though, there are usually a few constants:

ONE, if I am hot while I'm sleeping, I have a scary dream. This usually involves me running from a rapist, murderer, or kidnapper. Without fail, when I wake up from a scary dream, I find that I have way too many blankets on and I am sweating. You could say that my warm temperature was caused by the scary dream, but I am adamant that it is the other way around. My being warm causes scary dreams.

TWO, when I have to use the bathroom, I dream that I cannot find a usable toilet. The setting and the people may change, but the scenario is always the same. I run around searching for a toilet and eventually find one (or many) but they are all unusable, either because they are occupied, extremely filthy, overflowing, or more often, right out in the in front of tons of people. Last week, I dreamed that I finally found a toilet, but it was a squatter like the ones Sadie told me about from China. Except this one wasn't even a hole in the ground; it was a grate. And it was in the middle of a train station or some other crowded, very public place. This really concerned me because I did not want to leave a mess, so I couldn't go.

Ok, so 3 nights ago, I had a dream that was just way more bizarre than my normal dreams. I had a dream that I went on a SPACE VACATION. Yes, a vacation to outer space. Don't know if we were on our honeymoon or what, but Jared and I boarded a spacecraft to head to the planet Violet where everything was violet - not ultraviolet, just in the color. It was a really long flight, but the spacecraft was very roomy and luxurious. Our seats were full length and reclined back to a near-horizontal position. Also, the flight attendants gave all the passengers Kindle readers to keep us occupied. Except I don't think there were any books on them. Just the internet, which I don't think Kindle readers actually have, but hey, this was my dream. So anyway, after what seemed like a couple days, we finally landed on Violet. I don't remember actually getting out of the spacecraft, though. I think maybe we just looked out the window. At this point, the flight attendants told us to take our seats again because we were heading back home. I remember dreading the long return flight and wishing I had had more time to explore.

I was pretty weirded out by this dream, but the next night it was back to normal with a running-from-a-creepy-man-peeing-in-a-glass-room dream.


  1. Did you mean a Kindle?

    Last night I had a dream that I got to eat dinner with President Obama. We went to CiCi's. Seriously.

  2. Sherry - ahem, yes...I meant Kindle. I actually don't think I've ever seen it spelled out. Only heard it, so I just assumed it was "Kendall," like the name. Mistake corrected. Further embarrassment averted. Thank you.

    Dinner with Obama at CiCi's, huh? Classy.

  3. Ah, Jenn! That space dream is so funny! I was reading your blog at work earlier today and I had to keep from laughing out loud at the name of the planet... 'Violet'! How did your brain come up with that one?
    Also... I definitely understand the bathroom dreams. I get those all the time!

  4. That made me laugh. I have crazy dreams too. My scary dreams usually invole trying to hide from bad guys.

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