Saturday, July 25, 2009

They're here!

I got my wedding pictures and I do plan to post tons of them on facebook, but here are a few for now! BIG thanks to Big Lou for taking these beautiful pictures! And thank you again to everyone who came to the wedding, gave us a gift, or helped in any way to make our wedding day so wonderful. It was perfect.

I put the pictures in an collage because it is just so much faster to upload. Click to enlarge!


  1. They are so cute--the photographer did a great job. How did you do the picture collage-I love it.

  2. I did the picture collage with a program called Photoscape that you can download for free! Just go to It's a picture editing program that lets you do some simple photoshop-type stuff, but it also has tons of collage templates that are really easy to use. You just click on each box and insert the picture you want there.