Wednesday, July 8, 2009

UPDATE: T-Mobile sucks. Even more than I thought before.

Yesterday, we decided to make the hour long drive to the T-Mobile store so I could get a phone before Jared left for North Carolina (he is flying to NC today to pick up my Jeep which we left there). Originally, I had bought a prepaid phone at WalMart, but I found out there was a better prepaid phone at the T-Mobile store, so I took the WalMart one back. I knew the T-Mobile salesperson probably wouldn't be happy about me buying one of the cheap prepaid phones and getting a replacement sim card, but I didn't expect to get the load of crap she gave me: "I actually can't sell you a sim card for a prepaid phone...that is fraud...I could lose my job...blah, blah, blah." Lots of other crap ensued, including finding out I had to pay $20 for a new sim card AND the store refusing to sell me a sim card because I didn't have an ID. Finally, after I became very frustrated and may or may not have cried a little in exasperation, we figured out I could add Jared on to my account and then he could show his ID. But goodness gracious, was it a mess of an experience. In the end, I went back to WalMart and ended up with a phone from the 1990s. It's actually quite small, but it's got one of those old, terrible screens that hurts your eyes to look at.

Don't know why I felt the need to share so many boring details, but I get so frustrated with companies that claim to be all about their customers, but try to screw them at every corner. And by screw, I mean suck out every last penny.

On a positive note, I'm really grateful that I have a phone again and that all the other issues from having our car stolen are being resolved. We've pretty much got everything worked out with the banks, my new license is in the mail, and we should be getting the check from the car insurance in the next week or two. If only I could get my hot red high heels back...

Life really can be a mess sometimes. I was out with the missionaries tonight teaching a woman about the gospel of Jesus Christ and we started talking about why Heavenly Father allows bad things to happen. I was reminded that "it must needs me that there is an opposition in all things" because we can "[have] no joy" if we "[know] no misery." Isn't that so true? It's after something bad happens that we realize how good we have it. Not to be cliche, but I really think I am seriously, so blessed. ;)


  1. Man, I'm sorry your phone situation has been so frustrating.

    You are having some serious trials. Unfortunately it can always get worse. But good for you for keeping a positive attitude and going out with the missionaries.

  2. Unfortunately your experience isn't unique to T-Mobile. All cell phone carriers pull stunts like that. T-Mobile has actually been one of the better carriers in taking care of issues like this, so it could have been a lot worse.

  3. Doug - how right you are. All the cell phone providers have nasty policies and enormous fees. I've only had 2 different carriers, but I've definitely had more problems with T-Mobile. It actually started from the very beginning when the salesperson told me I would get a $100 rebate on my Blackberry, only to find out later that that was a bold-faced lie - my phone didn't qualify for the rebate. So I've just had a bad feeling toward them this whole time. Plus, I do know T-Mobile's early termination fee is quite a bit higher than some other providers' fees. But yes, it could always be worse. ;)