Monday, December 20, 2010

Babies, babies everywhere!

I mentioned when I was pregnant that Jared and I were taking a Bradley birthing class. Rather than your average 1-2 day class at the hospital, this course spanned 12 weeks. That's a long time to spend discussing birth canals and lamenting pregnancy pains with fellow classmates. While we didn't become let's-hang-out-on-the-weekend types of friends with any of our classmates, we enjoyed our class a lot and were excited to get together for our class reunion and meet everyone's babies.

Can I just say that 7 little babies lying next to each other is an adorable thing. And hilarious. I'm pretty sure 2 of the babies were open-mouthed kissing.

Libby is the one in the black shirt, if you can't tell.

In age order from youngest to oldest...

Libby and the boy next to her somehow linked arms...

When we got home, we found Libby looking like this... my cute little Trekkie.

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