Sunday, December 12, 2010

Poor Man's Christmas Decorations

Sad news: we don't have a Christmas tree. We didn't get one last year either. It doesn't bother me though because we don't really have room for one anyway. As long as we have other Christmas decorations, right? Well...we got out the holiday box and turns out, the only decorations we had were 2 stockings and a wreath holder. Not even a wreath to go on it. We considered buying decorations, but we'll be moving in the next several months and we just don't want to add any more stuff to our pile that we have to move. Plus, you know...we're still poor students and when it comes down to it, I'd rather buy diapers than decorations.

So.....our Christmas decorations this year are comprised of our 2 aforementioned stockings (plus a 4 foot long stocking for Libby that was too hard to resist at only $1), a strand of colored lights, and homemade paper snowflakes hanging from the ceiling by white thread.

One of these days (hopefully next year!) we'll have an awesome Christmas tree and real decorations, but I might just make paper snowflake making a Benson tradition for years to come.


  1. Those are some pretty spectactular snowflakes. I'm very impressed.

  2. Those snowflakes are pretty awesome. I think I'm going to make some with Isaak tomorrow. He's a little crazy with the scissors, but he sure likes to cut! I think those snowflakes are better than store bought stuff!