Thursday, September 8, 2016

Birdie - ONE

My baby is one! She crawls and pulls herself to standing. She can stand for a second or two on her own. She says wow, mama, hi, and uh-oh. Yesterday, she started copying Libby and Piper when they answered "I do" to a question I asked.

She does what we call "head dancing" where she shakes her head around and stick her tongue out repeatedly. It's absolutely hilarious.

She goes to bed about 8 and sleeps till 7 or 8, but she still wakes up at least twice a night. She sometimes takes 2 naps, but often only 1. I'm sure that's my fault for not being more consistent with naptime, but it's hard when I want or need to be out and about with the other kids. So she gets a lot of cat naps in the car or while I'm carrying her in the Ergo or in the bike trailer on bike rides or walks.

Birdie smiles easily, but is wary of strangers. Even a long enough look from a stranger can break her down into tears. She's a sweetie pie, though. I love that she knows how to hug and kiss me now. Her little arms around my neck are the best.

On Birdie's first birthday, we were in Janesville, WI, tagging along with Jared on a business trip. I had planned on taking the kids out to dinner and ordering a dessert to celebrate Birdie's birthday, but we ended up just swimming in the hotel pool instead and running out to the grocery store for a few snacks.

Anyway, the next week, we went to an apple orchard near us and picked apples so I used those to make an apple cake and we sang happy birthday to Birdie a week late. I realized afterward that it was Birdie's due date (Sept 5), so I guess it was appropriate. It was my dad's bday, too.

Birdie is just so ridiculously loved in our family.

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  1. She is getting so big! Kacey does head-dancing too. She shakes her head around when she hears music. Every time I remember how close in age our girls are I wish we lived closer together so they could play!