Thursday, September 8, 2016

Libby - 6

Libby is such a big girl now. She turned 6 and we had a birthday party for her at Union Park, where the kids got to ride the carousel, play on the huge rocket slide, and splash in the last little bit of the wading pool as it was draining for the day.

We could not have asked for better weather. It was such a nice day. I loved being able to do the party at a park - no cleaning my house before or after the party and plenty of room for as many kids and families as we wanted.

Libby is an awesome big sister. She's so generous. Anytime she gets a special treat (at church, etc), she saves half of it for Piper. She is watchful of Birdie and has pulled lots of little pieces of paper out of her mouth.

I love Libby's creativity. She loves to draw and write stories and I'm always finding papers around the house with her artwork.

I just love this girl!

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  1. Birthday parties at the park are the best idea ever! I never thought to do that, since the older two girls have winter birthdays. We have had two friends do that this year, it's so smart. I love Libby's creativity too- at least the things I've seen you post of hers. It's so fun to see what imaginative things kids come up with.