Sunday, May 18, 2008

This week's GREAT things & an eco-friendly intruder

I'm only doing 5 this week. Not that it wasn't a good week, but I would have to really stretch to find 10 interesting things.

1. I went camping at Goblin Valley State Park with work. We hiked Little Wild Horse (again) which is such a great canyon. It was nice weather, too.
2. I biked to Utah Lake (again). This time I went with Renae and Kyle and we took a picnic. Lots of fun.
3. I got an extra $200 on my paycheck this week. Granted, I worked lots of extra hours, but still...the extra money is nice.
4. I biked to work on Thursday. Coincidentally, last week was National Bike to Work Week.
5. I made homemade bread (again) and it turned out delicious (again)! I'm eating it right now.

To make up for the 5 things I didn't write, I have 1 very funny story. Last week, my parents' house was broken into when they weren't there (not the house they live in normally, but the house on their ranch in the country). Apparently, the intruder opened and ate several cans of food, slept in my dad's bed, and...well, that's pretty much it. BUT, here's where it gets interesting. Nothing was damaged or missing in the house (except that he forgot to replace the screen on the window through which he entered) and he even left an obvious pile of money untouched. But to top it off, he was considerate enough to dispose of the Gatorade bottle he drank in the RECYCLING bin. What a nice guy. Who says trespassers can't be eco-friendly?

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  1. Haha! That is a funny story Jenn! Hilarious actually. Way to bike to work and I'm glad Little Wild Horse and Goblin Valley went well, I hope the girls appreciated it. It seems so long ago that we all went! Things are going great here at Philmont, tiring work for sure, but its fun! Tell Sadie hello for me!