Thursday, November 11, 2010

5 a day keeps the doctor away

[Scene begins with Jared and Jenn sitting at the computer researching the podunk towns where they may eventually live. Jenn tries to offer Jared a bite of a mandarin orange.]

Jared: "no thanks"
Jenn: "have you had any fruit today?"
Jared: "yeah, a lemonhead."


  1. haha. You know on the package it DOES say it's a low fat FOOD.

  2. So funny. I've noticed having children who need to eat their vegetables goes a long way in getting the daddy to eat his vegetables. That day is coming up soon-ish. Until then, keep at it!

  3. HA! (by the way the tropical lemon heads--or lemon head cousins or something--aren't very good.)