Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mother knows best

I'd like to think I've gotten pretty good at deciphering my baby's cries and moods. Hungry = she sucks her hands like crazy. Tired = whimpers and usually slows down (she never stops bicycling her legs, but it at least gets slower when she's sleepy). Gassy = she's even squirmier than usual.

I can also tell a lot by her face. For instance:

Overall, Libby has an incredibly good temperament. She's usually only fussy around feeding times and that generally has to do with being a) hungry, b) gassy, or c) both. Otherwise, she's all smiles.

Hooray for happy babies!


  1. Love the new photos. She's so alert and smiley! And I love her new quilt. ;)

  2. Libby has changed so much! I love her smiles. So cute!

  3. Such a cute little girl. Glad that she's doing better and that you are getting things all figured out. Of course, once you think that, they usually confuse you all over again.

  4. Jenn--She is so cute. I love her little gummy smiles.